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Physiofit offers a range of classes, covering many aspects of health and fitness, and across all age groups.
Later Life Classes – Falls Prevention:


At Physiofit, we recognise that as people live longer their desire to stay fit and independent grows stronger. We offer several bespoke exercise classes led by a later life trained therapist. The classes are suitable for people who struggle to get on the floor to exercise but are keen to continue to exercise. Keeping active can help to reduce the risk of falls.


Each class is kept small and are aimed at improving fitness and confidence ensuring you stay fit and healthy in a safe and enjoyable environment. We will identify areas that you need to target whilst working on general strength, flexibility and balance.

Location: Alderley Edge Festival Hall
Fit for later life foundation level: Tuesday 11:00am
Fit for later life advanced level: Tuesday 10:00am & Friday 10:00am

Pre-booking is essential and more information can be obtained from the office. Classes are £10 per session booked in a block of 6. 

Thank you Physiofit, after my first Physiofit class, I feel like a new woman, can’t wait for the next one

Junior strength and conditioning classes:


Young athletes need to build strength and coordination especially during growth spurts. We offer a bespoke movement curriculum to build strength, agility, coordination, balance and flexibility to reduce the risk of injury and improve sports performance. We teach good technique in a fun and dynamic way  educating young people as to how their body works and how it can perform better.


Classes are tailored to the individuals needs and as a result places are limited to 12. Classes are at Fitism, Kings Road, Wilmslow, SK9 5PZ on Wednesday evenings at 6pm during term time. The classes run on a block basis and must be pre-booked via reception.


Classes are £8 each, but we offer you the chance to try out a class for free.


High intensity exercise class for patients with Parkinson's Disease by PD Warrior trained therapists:


Retrain your brain with specific, high intensity, evidence based exercises designed to slow disease progression and build confidence. Each participent will have a pre-class assessment to identify goals and create individual programmes.

Numbers are limited to ensure individual attention and prebooking is essential. 

Friday 11.00am - Wilmslow

Classes are £10 per session booked in a block of 6

Golf strength classes


Do you want to hit the ball further and with less risk of injury?

Research shows that developing strength in the legs, trunk and upper body and focusing on increasing range of hip and trunk rotation are all key to enable you to swing the club faster, hit further with greater consistency. 


The classes will be run by golfer, George Bresnahan who has a degree in Sports Therapy and is currently completing his Masters in golf biomechanics. George looks after several of our elite golfers and is experienced in combining pilates, resistance work and developing strength in a stimulating and enjoyable environment. These are suitable for juniors from the age of 14 with no upper age limit just a desire to get fitter for golf!  

Classes are tailored to the individual's needs and as a result, places are limited to 12. Classes are at Fitism, Kings Road, Wilmslow, SK9 5PZ on Wednesday evenings at 6 pm during term time. The classes are paid for on a block basis at £8 per session and must be pre-booked via reception.


Classes start on Tuesday 5th November 7-8 pm at FITISM in Wilmslow. Places limited to 12. 

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