Compex Electrostimulation

Compex enables everyone to find or awaken their potential...

Compex has over 30 years of expertise in the areas of physiotherapy, pain treatment and sports training. Their unique range of electrostimulation units have become the number one choice for healthcare professionals, sports scientists and helped a huge number of athletes.


Electrostimulation can reproduce the process of the muscle's voluntary contractions by creating an electric current which is sent to the nerve fibres causing a mechanical response in the muscle. It is backed by clinical trials and is a valuable technique for physical preparation, muscular recovery, injury prevention and pain treatment.​


Compex is easy to use and the electrodes can be easily applied to any target muscle that you wish to work during a session. Compex MI, muscle intelligence™ automatically personalises the stimulation settings depending on the unique physiology of each user making it more comfortable and efficient session.


At Physiofit, we have a wide variety of high quality Compex units for you to try as part of your rehabilitation following injury or as part of a strengthening programme to prevent injury or enhance performance. We are excited to now be able to offer the latest wireless version of these units allowing freedom from wires which have historically hindered the use in certain sporting and gym environments.


Physiofit are a recognised Compex Partner Practitioner and can ensure that you have the best support to get the most out of your Compex unit. To buy your own unit, please contact us for the best possible market price.

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