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We do not have any specific posts at present, but we are always interested in hearing from like minded professionals who would like to join the team so do send us your C.V. so we can learn more about you.


Courses for Professionals:


Physiofit offer continual professional development courses and training sessions for physiotherapists, teachers, sports coaches and strength and conditioning professionals in the following areas:\

  • Developing the younger athlete

  • Sports specific screening

  • Age appropriate exercise implementation for athletes

  • Overtraining / under recovery syndrome

  • Stress fractures

  • Childhood pathology in the growing athlete

  • The role of the diaphragm in sports performance

  • Learn to manage performance anxiety


Contact us if you would like to host a course.


We have recently released a webinar on “Assessment and treatment of a lumbar stress fracture” and are currently launching a comprehensive online education course called “Developing the younger athlete” in conjunction with Therapist Learning, so please visit for further information and to subscribe.




For health professionals, fitness professionals, parents, groups, clubs and schools.


Physiofit offer talks and workshops to any size of group on the following topics:


  • How to succeed in sport (suitable for parents and children)

  • Injury prevention

  • How much is too much?

  • Age appropriate strength and conditioning

  • Prevention and treatment of growth related injuries

  • Developing the successful hockey player

  • Developing the successful cricketer

  • Developing the successful golfer

  • Prevention and treatment of cycling injuries

  • Prevention and treatment of running injuries

  • Falls prevention

  • Fitness in later life

  • Nordic walking

  • Posture

  • Diaphragm activation

  • Developing a positive mindset

  • Mental toughness

  • Recovery techniques

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