Falls Prevention Service

“Half of people who have a fall will fall again within the next 12 months”​

Physiofit Falls Prevention Service


As we get older the risk of falls increase, with most taking place within the home. The good news is that there are some simple changes experienced physiotherapists can make to prevent falls, which can help patients feel safer and remain independent in their own home. 


About the Falls Prevention Service:


  • We have a team of experienced physiotherapists who offer falls prevention advice and support

  • We can arrange a home visit to carry out a Falls Prevention Check including a multifactorial risk assessment of the home environment

  • We offer balance retraining and strengthening programmes to build confidence

  • Physiofit for later life group fitness classes - close supervision and a bespoke programme for each participant focusing on strength, flexibility, core stability, breathing control, balance and endurance.


A multi-factorial falls prevention assessment?


In line with NICE guidelines on falls for older people, anyone who has experienced one or more, non-accidental falls, over the age of 65 should be offered a 1:1 multifactorial assessment to assess why they might have fallen and to restore confidence to reduce the risk of it happening again. This service is equally important for those at risk of a fall and especially those people who are losing their confidence.


It includes:


  • Identification of a patient's falls history including how, when, where and frequency

  • Assessment of gait, balance and mobility, and muscle weakness

  • Assessment of osteoporosis risk

  • Assessment of home hazards ensuring appropriate equipment is in situ

  • Assessment of the older person's perceived functional ability and fear relating to falling

  • General cardiovascular fitness

  • Medication and medical conditions  – some medication can increase the risk of falls

  • Assessment of visual impairment

  • Assessment of cognitive impairment and neurological examination

  • Assessment of urinary incontinence which when present may precipitate falls

  • We work closely with Pace Podiatry if biomechanical adaptations are necessary to the feet or shoes


We will teach a patient specific exercises to address any strength, balance and core stability issues identified. We will use digital or printed exercise sheets. Both oral and written education will be offered to patients and carers where relevant. We use reliable outcome measures for patients to track their progress every 6 weeks, to show their risk of falls reducing over time and inspire confidence

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