The spine is like a set of building bricks. When stacked in optimal alignment the body's natural curves in the spine help to balance and support the head. Sport, injury and bad posture can affect this balance leading to compensations.

Regular use of Gravity™ for 20 minutes a day helps to realign the building bricks to bring them into optimal alignment for each individual. Gravity™ raises and supports the pelvis (via the keystone) and the neck and head (via the neck cradle). The surface of variable height spheres aids decompression in these two areas of the spine, helping to release tension in the surrounding muscles and joints.

Physiofit have trial units for you to borrow and see quickly how effective this home treatment technique is for pain relief, relaxation and improved posture.


To arrange your free trial or to purchase a Gravity™ unit for only £79.99 call 01625 590444 or email

For further details see the Gravity™ website

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