“Physiofit aims to help you reach your sporting potential, whatever your age or ability and give you the physical skills that enable you to achieve success at any level.” 

Performance enhancement is not just for professional sportsmen and women. At Physiofit, we want all of our clients to perform better and achieve their potential. Our core values are to be dynamic and proactive. So if you need advice on how to get faster, stronger or fitter, the team at Physiofit can help.


Technical progress in a sport is often limited by restrictions or weaknesses in the body. Coaching will not be as effective until the body is able to move more efficiently. Our aim is to make your body move better which leads to more consistent performance.

We can help you set realistic and exciting goals and implement strategies that will help you to achieve them.


Every person is unique and each sport or activity is different. Our physios are experienced in assessing movement patterns and biomechanics using our well established screening programme which can be adapted to the needs and requirements of your sport or activity.


After assessment, we will develop a custom exercise program based on your weaknesses and restrictions and specific to your sport and your goals to make you stronger and fitter. We can integrate this with your existing training program and work closely with others involved in your management i.e. coaches or trainers to prevent injury and to realise your goals. They are welcome to attend along with you.


Our multidisciplinary team work together to give you the best possible service:


What sports do we cover?

Within our clinic we have physios with a huge cross section of sports knowledge. We provide physio, screening and strength and conditioning support to the Cheshire Cricket teams, several hockey teams, Bella Danza dance studio, Wilmslow Running Club and one of the team works with England Squash. We have helped develop many sportsmen and women who represent England and GB and who are testament to our sports performance and screening programme - check out our current athletes. 


Our screening programme can be adapted to suit any sport but we have particular expertise in:


We have also worked closely with athletes from a broad spectrum of sports including sailing, gymnastics, rugby, lacrosse, water-skiing, the martial arts and many more.


We have extensive knowledge of young athlete development ensuring that children achieve the correct advice about appropriate exercise during their vital growth spurts. Children need to relearn functional movements and regain balance and coordination after each major growth spurt so screening should be done more regularly during peak growth times.


You are most welcome to bring a coach or trainer with you to your performance screening so that all professionals working with you are coordinated in their approach to developing you as an athlete.


This service is appropriate both to amateur and professional sportsmen, allowing each of us all to be the best we can be whatever our age or ability!


Cost: Performance screening 1 hour = £99

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