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Can't get to us? We can treat you online!

During the Coronavirus pandemic, we introduced a remote physiotherapy service. We have been excited seeing how this service has developed and for many patients they have found the convenience of having physio at the office or at home of benefit. We have seen such positive results, with patients getting better and their injuries improving that we are now including remote physiotherapy as part of our services.


There are also some sectors of the population who are still self-isolating and for whom the benefit of treatment does not outweigh the risks of virus transmission. Remote physiotherapy offers an effective way for them to still access the help they need in safety of their own home.


Who can access

physiotherapy online?

You do not need to see or call your doctor. We can accept patients from the age of 7 and are able to treat most muscle, joint, arthritis, sports injuries and vestibular problems using video assessment.


If you are registered with an Eastern Cheshire GP, simply visit and at the end of the form tick Physiofit and the form comes directly to us. You can also download the form and email it directly to us but please do not post it as the clinic is closed.

Health Insurance

During the COVID-19 outbreak, most health insurance companies are now allowing their patients to use on-line services but do check your policy cover before making an appointment.

Private Physiotherapy

If you are not able to access either of these other options, we do offer private consultations.

The cost for an assessment, treatment and an exercise

plan is £47.


What conditions respond to

online physiotherapy?

What conditions respond to

online physiotherapy?

Online Physiotherapy has been shown to help with a wide range of conditions including:

Low back pain


Before or after


Hip and groin pain

Neck pain

Vestibular conditions such as vertigo, BPPV and other causes of dizziness

Frozen shoulder

 Knee pain

Stress fractures

Tendinopathies - such as Achilles or tennis elbow

 Ankle  sprains

Rotator cuff dysfunction

Sports screening

If your problem isn’t listed above, give us a call to discuss whether you would benefit from an online Physiotherapy Assessment or an appointment in clinic.


How does the online

service work?

We will contact you before the appointment time to organise how you prefer to access the session. Most appointments work best over Zoom, however we are able to offer a number of other options including Skype, Whatsapp and facetime. We are also able to offer assessments via phone for those who might prefer that option. We will then contact you at a time to suit you for your assessment via video link.

Book Appointment

Meet your physiotherapist online

Join the meeting via Phone/ Tablet/Computer from anywhere.

Get your diagnosis and treatment online

What is included in an online consultation?

There is so much advice and help we can give remotely that will really make a difference to many muscle aches/pain and dizziness issues.



An experienced chartered physiotherapist will listen carefully to your problem and ask a series of questions to diagnose your problem.



We will design a personalised exercise plan for you with videos to help you follow the programme at home.



We will ask you to perform a series of movements and special tests to help confirm the diagnosis



We will also provide a self-management plan with tips and advice to aid recovery.



We will discuss what we find and what we can do to help



We can review and progress your exercises with follow up appointments if necessary.


Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to do?


To get the most out of the session, please make sure you follow these simple tips:
Try to find a quiet room where you will have space to move around a little and in some instances use a chair or be able to lie down on a bed or the floor. 

Have a trial run using the video on your phone or tablet to make sure you can prop the phone up somewhere and that we can see your whole body. Around 2 metres away works well.

Switch your volume up and be able to use the speakerphone so you can hear us when you start to move around.

What should I wear?


If the problem is above your waist, for the ladies please wear a vest top or sports bra and if it is a lower limb problem change into a pair of shorts if you have some before the appointment and remove your socks and shoes.

Don’t you need to touch me?


A hands-on approach will always be our gold standard, however, we can still provide a detailed assessment and comprehensive treatment via a video call.

What about measuring progress?


A follow-up appointment can be arranged to reassess you and adjust your exercises and management accordingly.  



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