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At Physiofit we are always learning and that benefits you

Improving patient assessment, treatment and rehabilitation is at the heart of all we do at Physiofit. To ensure that this is the very best it can be, all the team participate in regular training events and attend talks and conferences worldwide.

One of our physiotherapists, Rich, recently completed his Master’s studies at the University of Bath in Sports Physiotherapy. During his studies, he was exposed to elite sporting environments including tennis and hockey settings which are two of the sports he himself loves playing. He picked up lots of new assessment and rehabilitation skills to make sure we get a correct diagnosis from the outset and therefore correct treatment and rehabilitation plans in place straight away. These are not only applicable to elite athletes returning to sport, but all types of problems and people, whether you’re trying to get back to elite sport, your hobbies or walking a bit further with the dog.

One way of learning is by reading and completing research projects. As part of his studies, Rich designed and completed a research project where he looked at the ankle range of movement with relation to jumping and hopping ability. Hopping is a skill that is important for sport, especially as any type of running is effectively hopping from one foot to the other! Ankle stiffness is a common problem after spraining your ankle and good ankle movements are important for running, sprinting and changing directions. He has developed some great exercise programmes for restoring confidence again after injury and with our rehab facility at FITISM in Wilmslow, we can get you back in the gym and on the field again enjoying what you do.

This passion for knowledge has enabled Rich to organise our in-service training program at Physiofit. We have the best local consultants, as well as our in house physiotherapists who teach us interesting and new ideas to help our skills as clinicians! We then use these skills to make sure you return back to your activities as quickly as possible, stronger and more confident than before your injury.

So, why pick Physiofit? We strive to be the best so you can be the best…

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