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Injury Prevention Screening


Preventing an injury and optimising performance is key to us all, whether on the sports field, at work or at home. Missing time off work or sport is costly and frustrating, so it is best to be proactive and book an injury prevention screening to help identify any injury risks and help highlight areas that might limit performance.


At Physiofit we have a pro-active approach to maintaining and achieving the best from your body throughout your life. We can identify problems at an early stage before function is impaired or pain develops. 


We can then use the results of the screening to highlight your strengths and weaknesses and design an individual, bespoke exercise programme that helps you target the specific areas you need to stay active.


Our baseline screening programme forms the basis of all our prevention packages. It can be adapted to suit most sports and activities to analyse your strengths and weaknesses.


Why do you need an MOT screening?


  • To prevent injury

  • To identify the cause of an injury

  • Improve your posture – especially with increased use of computers and tablets

  • To help development during growth spurts

  • To enhance performance

  • To establish an individual gym or fitness programme

  • To reduce the risk of falling

  • In preparation for surgery

  • To address strength or flexibility issues


The Physiofit MOT screening includes:


  • Digital postural analysis

  • Flexibility

  • Balance

  • Muscle strength and weakness

  • Core control

  • Agility

  • Functional movement patterns

  • A personalised exercise programme which includes online video clips of your exercises to address any restrictions or weaknesses.


We have extensive knowledge of young athlete development ensuring that children achieve the correct advice about appropriate exercise during their vital growth spurts. Children need to relearn functional movements and regain balance and coordination after each major growth spurt, so screening should be done more regularly during peak growth times.



1 hour injury prevention screening = £99

Physiofit did an amazing job getting my body ready for a gruelling pre-season rugby

Age is not a barrier to staying fit and active

Physiofit Later Life Functional MOT


In conjunction with our Physiofit injury prevention screening tool, we use the Functional Fitness MOT screening tool developed by the BHF National Centre for Physical Activity and Health at Loughborough University working in partnership with Glasgow Caledonian University to allow us to identify your key areas for improvement.


Our Functional MOT package will identify:

  • Areas of weakness

  • Lack of strength

  • Lack of endurance

  • Deterioration in balance

  • Loss of flexibility


We use these results to help you learn how a few simple exercises can make a huge difference to your confidence, fitness and strength.



1 hour Physiofit Later Life Functional MOT = £99

“Half of people who have a fall will fall again within the next 12 months”

Physiofit Falls Prevention Service


  • We offer a comprehensive falls prevention service including a multifactorial risk assessment of the home environment.

  • We will teach patient specific exercises to address any strength, balance and core stability issues identified backed up with printed and video copies of exercises.

  • We use reliable outcome measures for patients to track their progress every 6 weeks, to show their risk of falls reducing over time and inspire confidence

  • We offer 1:1 assessments and group falls prevention classes


What is a multi-factorial assessment?


In line with NICE guidelines on falls for older people, anyone who has experienced one or more, non-accidental falls, over the age of 65 should be offered a 1:1 multifactorial assessment. Physiofit, have implemented their own service to restore confidence to individuals who may require it.


It includes:

  • Identification of a patient's falls history including how, when, where and frequency

  • Assessment of gait, balance, mobility and muscle weakness

  • Assessment of osteoporosis risk

  • Assessment of home hazards ensuring appropriate equipment is in situ

  • Assessment of the older person's perceived functional ability and fear relating to falling

  • General cardiovascular fitness

  • Medication and medical conditions  – some medication can increase the risk of falls

  • Assessment of visual impairment

  • Assessment of cognitive impairment and neurological examination

  • Assessment of urinary incontinence which when present may precipitate falls

  • We work closely with Pace Podiatry if biomechanical adaptations are necessary to the feet or shoes

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