Physiofit for Sport

Physiofit's aim is to help you reach your sporting potential, whatever your age or ability and give you the physical skills that enable you to achieve success at any level.

Physiofit's aim is to help you reach your sporting potential, whatever your age or ability and give you the physical skills that enable you to achieve success at any level.

Physiofit for sport offers a complete service for sportsmen and women of all ages and abilities. Whether you are injured, want to perform better, or learn how to reduce the risk of injury, we have the expertise to help you achieve your sporting ambitions.


We offer packages for:

  • Prevention

  • Treatment

  • Return to sport

  • Performance


The success of our sports physiotherapy service is based on offering expert skills in assessment and treatment enabling you to get a quick and accurate diagnosis getting you back on the field of play without delay. We will work with you to establish why the injury occurred and what you can do to prevent a recurrence. Our aim is to always return you to sport better prepared than you were before the injury.

Many of our team have a master’s level education in Sports Physiotherapy or similar qualifications and many have worked with national governing bodies and international athletes. They are all experienced clinicians with extensive knowledge in the specific needs of younger athletes and of return to sport criteria across a broad spectrum of sports. We have specific knowledge in golf, cricket, football, hockey, squash, horse riding, water sports, running, tennis and climbing.

Our Approach:


Listen: we will send you a questionnaire before your appointment to ensure that we know as much as possible about your injury history, training load, and your goals. We listen carefully to you gaining an understanding of you as an athlete and your goals.


Assess: Using our tried and tested screening programme we can identify the areas of your body that are weak and strong and gain a greater understanding of why you are injured and how to get you fit again.


Treat: We use a combination of techniques to facilitate healing and prevent a recurrence.


Educate: We give you the confidence to return to sport safely by making sure that all patients, young and old, learn about appropriate load management and understand what caused their injury and how to prevent a recurrence. We can help with planning progressive running and strength programmes to ensure you do not do too much too soon.


These include:

  • Strength and conditioning programmes

  • Biomechanical analysis – including running analysis

  • Manual therapy

  • Massage – including use of hawk grip tools

  • Compex muscle stimulation units to prevent muscle wasting and regain strength quickly

  • Taping and strapping

  • Podiatry

  • Bracing and supports – we are a regional fitting centre for DJO and stock Ossur products


Not all these services are available during the coronavirus pandemic.


I couldn’t have completed the marathon without the excellent attention and support I received from Physiofit

Return to Sport:

Once your initial symptoms have settled, most athletes are keen to get back to the sporting arena as soon as possible. In order to make sure that you do not get re-injured again, evidence points to a comprehensive sports specific stage of rehabilitation which gradually builds up to mimic the demands of your sport under competition conditions. At a time when you still vulnerable after injury, Physiofit recognise that the key to a successful return to sport is careful monitoring by a physiotherapist experienced in these final rehab stages.

  • We complete a thorough analysis of the functional demands of your sport

  • A detailed understanding of your current workload and required level including national governing body criteria for your sport where appropriate

  • A full movement screen to include power, strength, functional capacity testing, agility, landing mechanics, balance and coordination and where required a full running analysis.

  • A comprehensive exercise programme for you to follow at home, independently or with your own trainer.

This ensures you have confidence in your body so you can return to sport in the knowledge that you are fully recovered and ready to go again.

We are not able to access our amazing rehabilitation facilities at FITISM gym in Wilmslow at present due to the coronavirus pandemic, however, we are able to offer 1:1 appointments outdoor on the extensive outdoor pitches for sports specific rehab ensuring you are ready to play when the lockdown restrictions are lifted.

We understand that most athletes cannot attend in the day due to work and school commitments, so we offer evening and weekend appointments



Our clinicians are expert in assessing movement patterns and strength using our well-established screening programme which can:

  • Identify the cause of injuries

  • Reduce the risk of future injury

  • Identify keys areas of restrictions/weaknesses that may affect

  technical development

  • To set specific exercise prescription for each individual and establish

training goals

  • Track athlete development

  • Enhance performance


With the results, we develop a customised exercise program based on your functional limitations and specific to your goals to give you the tools in the form of stretches, strength exercises, training advice, recommendations to prevent injury and to realise your performance goals.

Our baseline screening programme forms the basis of all of our sport-specific screening packages. It can be adapted to suit most sports and activities to analyse the potential risks to the body through repetitive movements and postures.

We have extensive knowledge of young athlete development ensuring that children achieve the correct advice about appropriate exercise during their vital growth spurts. Children need to relearn functional movements and regain balance and coordination after each major growth spurt so screening should be done more regularly during peak growth times.

You are most welcome to bring a coach or trainer with you to your screening so that all professionals working with you are coordinated in their approach to developing you as an athlete.

This service is appropriate both to amateur and professional sportsmen, allowing each of us all to be the best we can be whatever our age or ability!

Cost: Screening 1 hour = £120


I'm so pleased to tell you that my leg/ankle held up last weekend. I won all three matches and England brought home the trophy!

Just the British Open left in a couple of weeks and I can then concentrate on fitness/strength over the summer. I never thought I would make it during the first few weeks and really appreciate you 'sorting me out'.

Thanks again

Our Specialist Sports: 


Although we work regularly with athletes from a broad range of sports, we specialise in the prevention screening, treatment and performance of cricketers, golfers, runners, cyclists and horse riders. To find out more about each programme, click on the pictures below. 

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